Riley Marie Harrison

Think like a Proton, Always Positive +

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I am rain.
I am thunder.
I am lighting.
I am severe.
I will spin up a tornado of questions in your mind until you are dancing in a shower of everything you never wanted to hear.
I will make you forget that you ever loved the sun. (via because-she-loves-words)

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There’s no anger here, only
sadness; it’s broken now. There
are broken things that can’t be
fixed, only moved on from. My
mother wasn’t angry when I
accidentally broke her favorite
vase, only sad as she threw the
shards in the trash. I didn’t mean
for this to happen and neither
did you but continuing to hold
on will only let the jagged parts
dig deeper into our hopeful
empty palms. I’m hugging you
goodbye and you’re still
waiting for me to fix us; I’m
hugging you goodbye and you
still don’t know why I’m crying.
It’s broken now. Can’t you see?
It’s broken.
anne, notes on walking away instead of patching the holes. (via anneisrestless)